Fido's offers a personalized boarding experience for your dog(s).  Our boarding kennel facility is in and adjoining our grooming shop.  There are sights, sounds, and human interaction all day.  We do not have the biggest but we do have the best. If you are looking for an experience most like home this is the place for your beloved pooch.  At Fido's expect individualized loving attention as the norm!  Included in the price of boarding are the following services and *Fido Perks*:
  • *FOUR daily walks*- A chance to be outside, to potty on grass (not concrete), to stretch, exercise, and enjoy the great country setting
  • A clean, calm, and safe environment
  • Kennels sanitized daily
  • Heated/air conditioned facility
  • 24 hour on-site care
  • Outside play time
  • Predictable, friendly human contact       Hey! They know my name!
  • Inside play time
  • *Free medication administration* (pills, ointments, drops)
  • *Drop-off and pick-up times flexible, by appointment, available every day of the year including holidays*
  • Sanitized food and water dishes provided

Boarding Rates:
1 dog     $18.00
10% Discount for multiple dogs from same family

Pick-up day- No charge if before 12:00, if after noon then partial rates apply
What do you bring?:
  • Current shot records to include rabies, distemper, and bordatella
  • Food- enough for the stay
  • Something that smells like you to reassure Fido
  • Optional: pet bed/blanket, chewies, toys

In case of:
  • Medical emergency, you will be contacted immediately and medical attention will be sought either at the local Vet or emergency Vet​
  • Fido has fleas (happens to the best of us!) Fido will be bathed and treated for fleas immediately and the cost will be added to the boarding bill
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