We say "professional"  because when you groom to show and show to win you become an expert in all the techniques needed to make a dog look their very best.  These techniques include:
  • Expert clipping
  • Hand scissoring for a smooth, finished appearance
  • Thinning to blend transitions in length
  • Stripping for removal of undercoat 
There is no extra charge for any of these services, we do what it takes to produce a professional top quality look​.

Full Service Groom Includes The Following:
  • Brush out
  • Bath
  • Biogroom shampoo and conditioner
  • Clip/trim/shape coat
  • Ear cleaning
  • Toe nail grinding or clipping 
  • Coat blow-out and brush
  • Finishing work to include: scissoring, thinning, and stripping
  • Anal glands on request (lecture about regular exercise eliminating most of the need for this--- no charge!)
  • Kisses on the nose, gentle reassurance

Grooming rates available upon request  
Rates can vary due to length and condition of coat, type of groom desired, and level of cooperativeness. We strive to produce the look that you want, we will ask questions and make detailed notes so that you are assured of a consistent look each time your pet is groomed.     

Fido's offers Spit and Shine Specials for short coated breeds such as: German Shorthairs, Weimarners, Boston Terriers, ect.  You can't do it for less yourself!

Spit and Shine groom includes:
  • Bath and Blow dry
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nails

Spit and Shine Rates​:
  • Small Breeds:      $15.00
  • Medium Breeds   $20.00
  • Large Breeds      $25.00
  * Fido Perk* 
 Free toenail trims
         in between grooms         for regular customers.
           *Fido Perk*                Early drop-off Late pick-up
        No extra charge
  Convenience For You!!!!

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